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Charlie Gipple
Charlie Gipple
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
888-251-5525 ext. 358
Direct (951) 977-2600
Charlie manages all sales, marketing, recruiting, agent training and sales support activities across all company segments. He is laser-focused on achieving the company’s aggressive growth targets and ensuring its robust resources are maximized by agencies. He is well recognized in the annuity and life insurance industry as a speaker and has extensive experience with index products, financial markets, financial legislation, behavioral finance and the positioning of insurance products.

Oscar R. Toledo
Oscar R. Toledo
Director of Sales and Marketing
888-251-5525 ext. 124
Fax 951-977-2771

Oscar joined Partners Advantage in January 2012 as a Platinum Annuity Marketer. Prior to Partners Advantage, he has spent over 14 years in the insurance industry, with nearly 10 of those years with CFC Capital Partners as a Marketing Consultant and in personal production. He has helped several shops grow their annuity business by providing innovative ideas, extensive product knowledge and superior customer service. In July 2013, he was promoted to Manager of the Platinum Service Team (PST). Oscar and his team specialize in helping Platinum Shops grow their annuity, linked benefits and life insurance business with unique sales programs, superior support, and specialized carrier relationships. 

Sales/Marketing Support

Jeremy  Rubin
Jeremy Rubin
National Vice President
888-251-5525 ext. 487
Direct 515-537-4131

Jeremy Rubin is an 18 year veteran of the Financial Services Industry, starting as a captive agent with Principal Financial Group and most recently a Regional Vice President with Voya Annuities before joining the Partners Advantage Platinum Team, where he enjoys supporting the sales teams of the Platinum Groups with sales concept promotion and agent training through web events and in-person presentations.

Bill Jackson
Bill Jackson
Sr. Advanced Markets Consultant
888-251-5525 ext. 361
Direct 951-977-2602
Fax 951-977-2708

William H. (Bill) Jackson, JD, CLU, provides strategies and insights on a number of areas, including tax, financial, philanthropic, retirement, business, and estate issues. Bill has a rich background of experience. Prior to joining Partners Advantage, he excelled in a number of sales and product marketing roles at Sun Life and AIG SunAmerica. In his role as Director of Advanced Marketing and Retirement Planning, he led all advanced marketing sales of annuity, life and group pension products. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President and Divisional Sales Manager across all market channels. He was also Regional Vice President of Pension Marketing for the Western region and represented the firm as a keynote speaker at broker/dealer conferences. Throughout his career, Bill has been a frequent speaker at numerous seminars and large due diligence meetings. He has extensive ERISA experience and has lead advisor sales training programs. Bill earned his bachelor's degree from California State University at Long Beach and his JD from the University of Kansas School of Law specializing in taxation, accounting and estates.

Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez
Internal Wholesaler
888-251-5525 ext. 145
Fax 951-977-2785

Vanessa has been with Partners Advantage since March 2011 and was appointed to the position of PST Specialist for the Platinum Division in August 2014. In this role, Vanessa works with the Platinum Service Team to help grow the Platinum Division while maintaining the level of excellence and service our Platinum shops have become accustomed to receiving. With more than 10 years experience working at independent marketing organizations, she has learned and excelled in the areas of case management and marketing liaison. A common thread between each role has been Vanessa’s dedication to the client. 

Contracting & Licensing Support

Kristine Mikkelson
Kristine Mikkelson
Contracting & Licensing Manager
888-251-5525 ext. 125
Fax 951-977-2695
Kristine started her career with Partners Advantage in September of 2003 as a Contracting and Licensing Specialist. She has used my experience and knowledge to assemble a team of individuals who are able to provide your agency with training and support to help you grow your business.  Please contact her to discuss how she can assist you in appointing your sub-agents.

Samantha Orozco
Samantha Orozco
Team Lead of Contracting & Licensing
888-251-5525 ext. 176
Fax (951) 977-2707
Samantha started her career at Partners Advantage back in 2008 as the receptionist and split both New Business and Contracting duties. In March of 2009, she was transferred to the Contracting & Licensing Team and became the Contracting Team Lead in September 2013. Working with all divisions of Partners Advantage has given Samantha the opportunity to obtain the knowledge she has today to maintain her outstanding customer service to our Platinum Partners. She looks forward to working with all our Platinum Partner agencies! 

Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez
Contracting & Licensing Specialist II
888-251-5525 ext. 348
Prior to Laura starting with the Partners Advantage Platinum Team in February 2014 as a C&L Specialist, she worked for a title company processing and recording title documents.  Laura is excited to assist you in your C&L needs of your journey as a Platinum Partner Member.

New Business Support

Mari Gallina
Mari Gallina
Platinum Team Lead
888-251-5525 ext. 123
Fax 951-977-2765

Mari started at Partners Advantage as a receptionist in March of 2006. In November of 2006 she transferred to the New Business Team as a Case Manager and became a Case Manager Specialist in December of 2007. In January of 2008 she moved to the Marketing Department to work as the assistant to the Colton Marketing Team. Currently, she is using the knowledge obtained from cross training in both New Business and Marketing to enhance her ability to provide specialty service to our Platinum Partner Agencies. Her goal is to perform at the highest standards in the industry and achieve spectacular results for our partner agencies who entrust their business to Partners Advantage. Mari believes that personal contact makes a world of difference when working with agents; It gives them a more secure feeling knowing that there is someone they can call to get answers and help solve any issue that may arise. Call her to discuss your next case!

Yessenia Diaz
Yessenia Diaz
Senior Life Case Manager
888-251-5525 ext. 129
Direct 951-977-2789

Yessenia started working at Partners Advantage as an application coder in 2010, she then transitioned into a case manager position for the life team. Jenny Diaz is now a Senior Life Case Manager for the Platinum Partner Team.  She looks forward to assisting agencies with their new business needs.

Sarai Ramirez
Sarai Ramirez
Life Case Manager I
888-251-5525 ext. 364
Fax 951-977-2708
Sarai joined the Partners Advantage family in 2014 as a Contracting and Licensing Specialist. In that position she was focused on assisting independent advisors on the Advantage team which included first hand customer service along with processing all incoming contracts. Within a short amount of time Sarai was recognized for her ability to efficiently process contracts and was then entrusted with processing contracts for all 4 divisions. In July of 2015 Sarai transitioned to the Platinum New Business team and brings her prior C&L experience which enhances her ability to assist with your back office needs. It is her goal to continue to provide your agency with stellar customer service.

Michelle  Curby
Michelle Curby
Life Case Manager I
888-251-5525 ext. 481
Fax 951-977-2765

Michelle Curby joined Partners Advantage in the beginning of 2016 as a Platinum New Business Case Manager.  In this position she reviews and processes all your new business applications, guides the cases through the underwriting process until the cases are placed inforce and assist with any additional inquiries your agency may have. Michelle enjoys building relationships with our shops and being able to help them in any way that she can. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends .

Fun fact about Michelle: She was born and raised on a dairy farm. She still lives on a dairy to this day; as a teenager she was in charge of taking care of the calves growing up.


Lisa "Lee" Morris
Vice President, Underwriting and Development

Lee's extensive financial services career spans 26 years of technical life insurance underwriting and management. Specialized in life insurance mortality assessment, Lee is known for her astute ability to merge the technical attributes of underwriting with the art of modern day medical advancements and interpretation all while protecting the interests of the carrier, firm and the client. Her capacity in both the brokerage carrier and firm distribution channels makes her well versed in the total cycle of life insurance placement, especially for those clients in the wealthy and ultra-affluent markets. Lee's strong relationships with the top one percent of the wealth management firms in the United States demonstrates her ability to address the needs of clients requiring extensive specialized boutique care from start to finish. Certified in EKG interpretation and a dynamic presenter, Lee has trained numerous participants in the financial services industry on field underwriting as well as carrier underwriting with a single signature underwriting carrier capacity approval of $20 million dollars. On the brokerage side, Lee has held the underwriting liaison and advisement responsibility on cases in excess of $100 million dollars. Her prior experience includes Assistant Vice President, National Financial Partners (NFP) in the brokerage market and Assistant Chief Underwriter, AXA Life Company at the carrier level. 

Fun fact about Lee: Lee is a honors graduate in accounting from Grambling St. University and in her spare time serves on the GH Foundation Board and is the dance coach of The Fabulous Felines Dance Team at Lincoln Preparatory School, Grambling, Louisiana. 

Monica Young
Monica Young
Compliance & Suitability Associate
888-251-5525 ext. 360

Monica began her career with Partners Advantage in 2009 as an Annuity Marketing Consultant where she effectively helped independent agents grow their book of business. She transitioned to Annuity New Business Case Management where she efficiently managed large caseloads and assisted customers in getting their clients annuities issued quicker. In 2013, she jumped at the opportunity to join the Compliance & Suitability Department where she has successfully taken her previous sales background and applied this skill into helping agents and agencies understand the practical applications of compliance in their business.  Monica’s extensive industry experience of over 22 years brings valuable current and relevant knowledge to agency owners and marketers to safely navigate the new age of Compliance and Annuity Suitability world.  She Acts as liaison between insurance carriers and agency’s to verify and bring into acceptable parameters annuity suitability cases in order to increase approval ratios. In addition, Monica has her CA Life License.


Heather Risen
Heather Risen
Special Events Coordinator
888-251-5525 ext. 104
Direct 951-977-2688
Fax 951-977-2780

Heather began her career with Partners Advantage as a receptionist in March 2012. In July 2012, she was promoted to Special Events Coordinator. She has been an integral part in planning events such as the Extravaganza of Excellence and the July Platinum Partners Event along with various convention trips, roadshows and agent trainings.  Heather has over 10 years of experience as an events specialist and has worked with many organizations all over the country. 

Neyra Nunez
Neyra Nunez
Marketing Associate
888-251-5525 ext. 138
Direct 951-977-2667

Neyra began her career with Partners Advantage in August 2011. In her most recent role of Sr. Commission Specialist, Neyra has been instrumental in the day to day operations of the commissions department and has played an important ongoing role in helping to improve processes not only for her department but across the entire organization. Neyra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management and has multiple years of experience in the Industry. The Platinum Team is excited to have Neyra join our Marketing team as we continue to grow and increase our Marketing efforts.

Commissions Support

Angela Greer
Angela Greer
Commissions Customer Care Manager
888-251-5525 ext. 271
Direct 951-977-2618
Fax 951-977-2709
Angela joined Partners Advantage through the merger with Independent Brokerage Network in 2008.  She started in the insurance industry with IBN in 1995 working in several different roles through the years to include group insurance marketing, case management, annuity marketing and commissions.  In her current role as Commissions Customer Care Manager Angela has assumed the responsibility for greater customer satisfaction to our platinum shops and exceptional quality assurance for the Commissions department.


Ron Shah
Ron Shah
Vice President, Operations and Technology
888-251-5525 ext. 136
Fax 951-977-2777

Ron Shah, Vice President of Technology is driving Partners Advantage to be an industry leader in technology.  He and his team work alongside with top application developers to keep updating the Partners Advantage technology platform. He has been in the insurance industry for 7 years.  He started with Partners Advantage as the Operations Manager, and his dedication and extensive knowledge of what the insurance industry needs has helped implement processes and improve operations systems. Ron keeps driving Partners Advantage into an innovation road map.

Jacqueline  Wilkening
Jacqueline Wilkening
Relationship Manager
888-251-5525 ext. ext. 214
Fax 951-977-2707

Jacqueline started with Partners Advantage through the merger with Innovative Marketing Strategies. She has been in the Insurance industry since 2005 and has knowledge of the many aspects in operating an Insurance Marketing Organization.  Her experience in all departments will enhance her ability to provide astounding service to all of our Platinum Partner agencies with Operations. Jacque believes that building relationships with carrier contacts and agents is what makes a difference to making our company successful. She looks forward to working with you to help build your business.